What difference will your contribution make?

  • In a Congo where corruption endure in public institutions,
  • In a Congo where violence against children still occurs,
  • In a Congo where so many women do not have the same rights as men,
  • In a Congo where discrimination based on ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation persists,
  • In a Congo where all are not free to choose their own destiny…

Positive and lasting social change comes through education.

Sharing and cultivating integrity values, such as those of accountability ethic, anti-corruption, inclusion, empowers individuals and groups to understand their rights, claim them and spread the knowledge they have acquired, hence acting as agents of change in their communities.

Integrity Building and Corruption Prevention

CERC's provides training and mentoring on building institutional integrity and anti-corruption helping local governments, ministries, agencies, public enterprises, private businesses, civil society organizations etc. to build integrity and to eliminate, minimize and prevent systemic corruption.

Corruption Reporting Project

On January 2018, we launched the Corruption Reporting Project, an initiative providing free legal aid services to victims and witnesses of corruption and seeks to empower male and female citizens to demand accountability and transparency. It is a community service centre that offers both pragmatic services to individuals, communities, companies and institutions who are victims of corruption or witnesses to corruption by giving legal aid and advice. 

You too can make a difference and be an agent of change by helping Centre de Recherche sur l'Anti-Corruption with its mission of human rights and integrity education.

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