The Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Research Centre, Mr. Heri Bitamala, and his Executive Assistant in charge of Advocacy and Policy Engagement, Mr. Musa Nzamu Jonathan met with the Ministry of Justice officials, on Friday 14 May 2021, to discuss UNCAC implementation and Civil Society participation in the review process in the DR Congo.

Several issues were at the heart of this meeting, including the participation of civil society in the review process and the production this year of the shadow report on the implementation of the UNCAC by the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Note that CERC has been an ordinary member of the Coalition for the implementation of the UNCAC since 2020, and as such will represent civil society in the production of the Civil Society Parallel Report on the implementation of the UNCAC by the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), which entered into force on 14 December 2005 and has been ratified by the DRC since 23 September 2010, is the most comprehensive and respected global anti-corruption convention. As of January 2013, the UNCAC has been ratified by 165 countries. The Convention obliges States Parties to implement a wide range of detailed anti-corruption measures that affect laws, institutions and practices, including international cooperation, in their respective countries. The UNCAC Conference of the Parties is the instrument for the implementation of the Convention.