Celebrating the international anti-corruption day

On 8 and 9 December 2018, CERC worked with 35 secondary schools in Uvira to engage students in the commemoration of the International Anti-Corruption Day under the slogan of “United Against Corruption for Development, Peace and Security”.

The objective of the campaign was to raise public awareness about corruption costs in education, bring their attention to the national and local efforts to address corruption and promote Integrity and Good Governance in education.

The 2018 campaign has had remarkable success in getting public commitments from national governments to combat corruption, strengthening dialogue between civil society and governments, and raising people’s awareness about the costs of corruption and encouraging them to take a stand against it.

CERC Executive Director, Heri Bitamala issued an official statement on International Anti-Corruption Day, stressing the importance of addressing corruption to build responsive, capable and inclusive institutions that meet the needs of their people.

The campaign have had a strong media outreach. National level activities prior to, on and after International Anti-Corruption Day were widely covered by radio programmes. The events associated with the campaign’s launch were also promoted through social media (via Twitter and Facebook), thereby helping to reach thousands of people.

Furthermore, we organized public outreach events such as 3 kilometers march, which attracted large crowds. CERC estimates that approximately 15000 people were reached through the campaign.