Mapping country’s corruption

Overall objective of the Corruption Perception Survey

  1. To conduct quantitative and qualitative researches providing benchmarks and baselines
  2. To increase information sharing on preventive measures against corruption
  3. To produce an annual sector based report on the state of corruption in Democratic Republic of the Congo showing drivers and trends of corruption for use by all stakeholders
  4. To be the hub of all information and databases for all CERC programmes and stakeholders;
  5. To increase the quality and depth of advocacy programmes at CERC.

Target groups

The Corruption Perception Survey targets (1) Government Institutions and departments, (2) Civil Society Organizations, (3) Academia, (4) Donors, (5) Communities and (6) International Organization

Mode of operation


The research section uses multiple models in conducting research. The models and tools are as follows

Qualitative and quantitative methods are initially triangulated to gather data. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are essential in conducting research as they reinforce each other in revealing the findings of the subject of study

Literature review is another essential method of research. The research Section reviews literature of past and present studies to ensure relevance of the subject that will be under study.

Interviews are conducted as a process of data gathering. Interviews are carried out with various stakeholders to ensure true and valid information is collected for the subject that will be under study

Focus group discussions are also used as processes of data collection. Focus groups are done with community groups that gather around to discuss and share ideas on the subject under study. It is another process used to collect data for research.

Questionnaires are used as tools to gather data for researches that will be carried out. Questionnaires are normally used for baseline studies to find general perceptions and ideas of opinions of the subject under study.

Research Reports

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Towards promoting ethics and integrity in DRC secondary schools, the Anti-Corruption Research Center” CERC” is conducting a three days Training of Trainers (ToT) on Community Integrity Building in 4 batches in Uvira and Luvungi in South-Kivu province. The first batch of ToT was successfully con...

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We released a 2018 Annual Report with informative achievements. We hope that you find it useful and share it with others. We are very happy with how the year is ending and thank you for all your support this year.

However, time has not run out to make a gift to CERC. Visit Our Donation Page n...

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In Democratic Republic of the Congo, many children from minority-marginalized groups suffer from injustice, difficulty-accessing school, and violence on their way to and at school as well as child marriage and labour. Missing out on an education will mean that students living with di...