Promoting transparency in natural resource extraction

Contracts signed between governments and extractive companies determine how much a resource is sold for and how it will be extracted – with far-reaching effects for a country’s economy and its people. When extractive contracts are secret, people can miss out on opportunities for natural resources to drive development. Between 2010 and 2012, for example, DRC’s government secretly sold mining concessions below their market value, depriving the country’s people of US$1.36 billion that could have funded healthcare or education. Contracts negotiated behind closed doors also fuel suspicion and can be manipulated by politicians.

What we do?

From remote communities to national bodies, everyone has a right to participate in decisions that affect them – and it’s vital that they do if they are to benefit from natural resource extraction.

CERC works towards making extractive industries transparent and accountable to local communities. Local communities often have a limited role or lack the capacity to adequately represent their views on social and environmental issues surrounding extractive industries, including mining. CERC works in Mining Sector Accountability aims to increase the capacity of local civil society and indigenous people to establish and participate in multi-stakeholder discussion groups on these topics in mining extraction zones.

We share knowledge about extractive projects with communities and the media, and collect people’s feedback, through carefully tailored activities such as forums, drama and radio shows. Ultimately, governments and companies can’t ignore the call for fair extraction when it’s backed by the power of ordinary people.