Many development projects aimed at improving the quality of life in communities suffer from problems at every stage, from design to implementation and maintenance. Such problems in the context of the DRC, can be caused by a number of factors, including poor implementation, embezzlement of funds, use of substandard material, diversion of funds due to corruption, and lack of monitoring and evaluation.


Young people have the potential to drive real change as today’s citizens and tomorrow’s leaders. Many young people are passionate about creating a better society in their communities. To act on their values, they need the skills and knowledge that today’s integrity building and anti-corruption activists and researchers offer at our Youth Integrity Academy.

Young people discuss topics and carry out a mix of theoretical and practical activities within the Youth Integrity Academy. For instance, young people engage in role plays to understand how to act with integrity when faced with a difficult situation, or organise debates around freedom of Information, good citizenship and good governance. Topics include integrity, corruption, transparency, accountability, inclusivity, rights and responsibilities of a good citizen, and leadership.


A major component of Youth Integrity Academy is the Community Integrity Building approach, where trained young people accompanied by other members of the community monitor infrastructure projects or service delivery projects to provide citizen-led oversight and feedback.

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Towards promoting ethics and integrity in DRC secondary schools, the Anti-Corruption Research Center” CERC” is conducting a three days Training of Trainers (ToT) on Community Integrity Building in 4 batches in Uvira and Luvungi in South-Kivu province. The first batch of ToT was successfully con...

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We released a 2018 Annual Report with informative achievements. We hope that you find it useful and share it with others. We are very happy with how the year is ending and thank you for all your support this year.

However, time has not run out to make a gift to CERC. Visit Our Donation Page n...

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In Democratic Republic of the Congo, many children from minority-marginalized groups suffer from injustice, difficulty-accessing school, and violence on their way to and at school as well as child marriage and labour. Missing out on an education will mean that students living with di...