Annual Reports

The CERC annual reviews reflect the organisation’s key activities, achievements and impact. They also present a summary of the audited financial statements for each year.


Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption is delighted to publish its first annual report.

CERC is a young organization and has enormous potential. Through continued citizen awareness and education and bold efforts to prevent corruption by building integrity, it is reasonable to believe that CERC can and will make progress in tackling corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Download it here : Rapport Annuel 2017


Led by local people, we tackle the causes of corruption at the root, and rebuild hope after decades of widespread corruption and mismanagement that undermined the social services in South-Kivu. We are dedicated to making integrity a practical option for as many people as possible, and these figures highlight some key successes in 2019.

Download here: Annual-Report-2019


We released a 2018 Annual Report with informative achievements. We hope that you find it useful and share it with others. We are very happy with how the year is ending and thank you for all your support this year.

However, time has not run out to make a gift to CERC. Visit Our Donation Page now to make a Donation to schools and communities who need your help today.

Download our Annual Report 2018

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