Advocacy and Legal Advice

What’s ALAC?

Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) is operational in Uvira (South-Kivu) from September 2017.

ALAC is a new anti-corruption initiative providing free legal aid services to victims and witnesses of corruption and seeks to empower male and female citizens to demand accountability and transparency. It is a community service centre that offers both pragmatic services to individuals, communities, companies and institutions who are victims of corruption or witnesses to corruption by giving legal aid and advice. The advocacy aspect of the centre focuses on public education and prevention strategies based on cases and complaints lodged and collated by the centre on a quarterly basis. ALAC seeks to facilitate the engagement of the public in the fight for transparency and accountability and to provide legal advice to victims of corruption in South-Kivu (DRC). Thus, ALAC seeks to:

  • To offer an independent channel for victims or witnesses of corruption to report their concerns, propose solutions and seek advice.
  • To provide free legal advice and practical help to clients
  • To increase the capacity of the public institutions to work with citizens by receiving and dealing with complaints effectively.
  • Empowering citizens with relevant information and their legal rights in the face of corruption to foster a culture of exposing corruption
  • To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing anti-corruption interventions in the delivery of services to the public

ALAC does:

  • provide FREE legal consultation
  • maintain confidentiality of cases and complaints
  • transfer relevant cases to the Anti-Corruption Unit and other partners
  • follow up with the client’s complaint during the litigation process

ALAC does not:

  • investigate cases of corruption, in the sense of calling witnesses, searching for evidence, wire-tapping, etc.
  • replace the existing authorities
  • provide a legal representative for its clients
  • take part in political agendas or political affiliations
  • guarantee the client’s expectation in the case

How to report a corruption case?

All reports submitted to ALACs are treated with care and processed in a safe and secure environment. We will not share any details or identifying information with anyone else without permission.

Our corruption hotline: +243 827332229To report via WhatsApp add this number (+243 827332229) to your address book as “CAJAC-UV” and then start a new chat.

Report an incident online on our website now. CLICK HERE
The communication is secured and your information will be treated with outmost care and security.

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