About us

Our  vision is for Congolese’s to live in a society free of corruption.

Our mission is to work together with individuals and institutions at all levels to promote integrity and reduce corruption in DRC.

Our Approach

We believe development works best when communities solve their own problems — when citizens work with their leaders to ensure their needs are met and public commitments are fulfilled. We strive to ensure local actors have the knowledge, skills, abilities and tools to make that a reality.


Our programs help citizens engage in the planning and monitoring of government programs in their communities. Local CSOs gain and share knowledge to help communities make decisions, along with the skills to constructively engage, with authorities and hold public officials accountable. Increased citizens participation also means more public oversight and less opportunity for corruption.


For citizens to exercise effective accountability, they need a set of standards that those responsible are expected to meet, indicators against which performance is measured, and monitoring frameworks to produce data that assesses performance. Most of our programs use community monitoring on the quality of services to improve their effectiveness in achieving intended results, involving a range of instruments, including citizen reports and community scorecards, citizen budget monitoring and expenditure tracking, and using media pressure.


Our programs encourage dialogue between citizens and their governments. Citizens and service providers commonly have a shared objective of improving the quality of public services. Many of our programs focus on improving citizen feedback to service providers, supported by hard evidence and data and the preparation of authorities to receive citizen feedback. The result is better communication, better decision making, and better development results.

The Board of Directors

. The Board of Directors is the supreme governance body of the organization. The Board of Directors has 7 members elected by the the Annual General Assembly. The Board Members comprising of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and 3 members.

The Board meets quarterly. Its role is one of governance and strategic oversight. It approves the budget, operational and strategic plans, appoints the Chair and Chief Executive, and approves overall policy in relation to staff employment. The Board contributes in many ways to particular aspects of CERC’s work, for example through ad-hoc committees and advising on fundraising.

The Executive Direction

The Executive Direction ensure the daily management or operations of the CERC.

  1. Innovation : Pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.
  2. Integrity :  Acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth.
  3. Diversity:  Embrace cross-cultural diversity – Adaptable, anti-religious, racial, tribal embracing cultural differences, open to new experiences.
  4. Community:  Contributing to community and demonstrating corporate social responsibility
  5. Accountability:  Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, programs, decisions, and policies.
  6. Empowerment :  Encouraging employees and other stakeholders to take initiative and give the best.