Key Strategic Priorities

We are pleased to release this four-year plan, which outlines the CERC’s vision, mission, strategy, and priorities through 2021.


  1. Local communities in conflict affected territories are safer, with fewer incidents of corruption in basic services delivery as result of more timely action by local integrity builders.
  2. Local communities will experience a reduction in corruption as result of increasing locally led integrity-building initiatives.
  3. Marginalized groups will be supported to become active and responsible citizens as well as advocates for integrity.


  1. Local integrity builders will have a greater access to, and participate more fully in, decision making around development policy and practice.
  2. Local knowledge on corruption issues is more widely valued and available, leading to a better understanding of local corruption contexts, needs and profile of local actors.
  3. CERC aims to be a champion for local integrity building nationally and will seeks allies across different sectors and disciplines to amplify our message, develop targeted campaigns and help build a broad based coalition of supporters for local led-integrity building.


  1. CERC and its local partners schools and universities will become learning instances, constantly questioning and testing assumptions, piloting new ideas, and analyzing success and failure in equal measure.
  2. CERC’s commitment to learning will be reflected in a suite of high quality initiatives linked to our thematic and strategic priorities. We will do this with local integrity builders, academic institutions and other sector leaders/networks that contribute to sector learning, builds an evidence base, and helps improve government and NGO policy and practice.


  1. CERC will double its annual income over the next four years, to $150k for Y1, 200k for Y2, 300k for Y3 and 500k for Y4 and will have a diverse and stable source of financing, enabling it to cover core costs from unrestricted funding, test new approached and ideas with partners, and build reserves that protect it from unforeseen fluctuations in income.
  2. Unrestricted income from individual donors will increase to a level that equals at least 25% of core running costs by the end of year 4.
  3. CERC will secure at least $200k per year of institutional and Trust/Foundations income from a diverse range of sources by the end of the strategic period.
  4. CERC’s marketing and communications will reinforce our position as a leader in locally led integrity building and will engage with and persuade key audiences about the power of local action.


  1. CERC will have skilled and motivated staff, Board and interns and will develop its systems and process to enable it to deliver high quality work and support to local integrity builders around the Eastern Congo.
  2. CERC will invest in staff, volunteer and Board training and development to ensure that they have the skills to deliver their work to the highest standards.
  3. CERC’s internal systems will be strengthened and will meet externally accredited quality standards.
  4. CERC will refine its structure, including exploring innovative ways of increasing its presence in other strategically important provinces in order to support local integrity building efforts, without displacing local leadership.

Do you know that Analphabetism, Poverty and hunger are often the result of corruption?

The answer, we believe, lies with the children. “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Through our Integrity Building programme , we seek to equip them with good values at a stage when their character is formed can help reduce the likelihood of children growing up to become corrupt.
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