Heri Bitamala

Heri Bitamala, Founder CEO of Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption

Heri Bitamala is Founder CEO of the CERC. His background has included roles across several fields including anti-corruption, equity and social inclusion, technology, health and education. For more than 8 years, he has led programs and projects in South-Kivu, North-Kivu and Kinshasa and conducted research on issues of corruption and governance, youth participation, equity and social inclusion, among others.

At Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption, Heri Bitamala leads work on the inclusion of children at risk of exclusion and on the promotion of the full exercise of their human rights. He designed and implemented a more rigorous approach to international aid and public services monitoring, adding the participation of disabled young people in the programming and has been active in addressing the equity and inclusion issues in the DRC education sector. He has written extensively about topics including Access to Information, corruption in public and private sector, governance, and equity and inclusion in the education sector, among other topics.

To date, Heri’s initiatives has directly trained over 3,000 young people as community monitors in 3 provinces (South Kivu, North Kivu and Kinshasa) and 100 social entrepreneurs in Uvira, who together have created and implemented solutions from ensuring drinking water is accessible and clean, schools accessible and safe, education is accessible to children at risk of exclusion, to sorting our rubbish collection in urban areas. Their work can be shown to have benefitted over 1 million people through improved services and infrastructure.