Helping to improve school infrastructure in South-Kivu

Helping to improve school infrastructure in South-Kivu

Millions children in Democratic Republic of the Congo schools were being educated in infrastructures that did not meet minimum norms and standards.

The Kitundu Institute is struggling to provide adequate educational facilities for children. This means that children living in the district of Kasenga in the city of Uvira do not really have an adequate school. They are forced to study in buildings built in the 90s and lack almost everything: proper toilets, water and adequate teaching materials.

This is serious problematic because the quality of school facilities is linked to education outcomes for students and teachers.

To ensure the school meets minimum education standards, the monitors trained by CERC has been monitoring the Kitundu Institute since April 2017. CERC’s training in Community Integrity Building enables monitors to analyse school performance, take photos of the servicet, conduct beneficiary surveys, verify findings as well as engage with stakeholders such as headteacher and parents committee to fix problems.

In March 2018, the monitors discovered that there were several serious problems with the school’s facilities. They also discovered that the toilets could not meet the demand and that they were not cleaned regularly. They also discovered that lack of water at school. This means that the students did not wash their hands after using the toilet.

In March 2018, the monitors raised the problems with the school management body. Sensitive to the problem and the urgent need for toilets, the school has committed to install a tank of 5000 liters to allow children to use water in the toilet.

To date, Kitundu Institute students are now using water in the toilets, spraying them with the danger of hand-dirty disease. In addition to this, the school is in the process of having new toilets thanks to the commitment of the community monitors.

Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption have been an Integrity Action partner since 2017. During this time, CERC have trained 300 youth as community monitors. The monitors have overseen 21 infrastructure projects and education services valued at around $32,000,000. Their interventions have led to the resolution of 20% of identified problems. CERC and the Integrity Club members’ monitoring and constructive engagement has improved services for around 10,000 people

Originally published at Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption.