Our story

CERC was founded in April 2017 to find answers to the following questions:

How can communities obtain better services using integrity? and How can we teach integrity to equip the next generation of leaders to say no to corruption?

Since 2017, CERC has been addressing these issues by empowering young people through training, mentoring and technical support to strengthen transparency and accountability in the implementation of development projects and the delivery of public services in their communities.

CERC has grown into a network of 1000 young people supporting each other and their efforts to monitor vital projects and services where they live, and to solve the problems they find using data they collect.  

What are they working on? 

SHINE is a community monitoring project that aims to promote transparency and social accountability in the Congolese educational sector by mobilizing and engaging students to track the provision of services in secondary schools.

Between 2017-2020, the program supported 810 students, 106 teachers and fifty-three principals from fifty-four secondary schools, and empowered them with resources and skills to combat inefficient and corrupt education services and infrastructure projects in Uvira and in Bukavu. They worked together advocate and implement solutions from ensuring drinking water is accessible and clean, schools accessible and safe, education is accessible to children at risk of exclusion, to sorting our rubbish collection in urban areas.

The Integrity Club members have been supporting the school administration to spot problems and solve them together. Though it was a difficult job, club members were highly effective in improving teachers’ attendance in schools. Teachers now meet their annual plans, the quality of education has improved, and children are taught in an effective way. This has a direct impact on their lives and future.”

Their work can be shown to have benefitted over 500,000 people through improved services and infrastructure. 

Legal Status

Centre de Recherche sur l’Anti-Corruption is a Democratic Republic of the Congo registered charity (Registration number: F92/42579)