Increasing positive impact of CSOs in the fight against corruption

The fight against corruption is not just a government business. Everyone has a role to play. But many civil society organisations lack the knowledge, capacity, and tools to act against corruption. By strengthening their knowledge and providing them with tools and resources, CSOs can be highly effective in fighting corruption, from grassroot to policymaking level.

Driven by this belief, from 10-13 May 2017, a total of forty people from twenty-three Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Uvira were trained in anti-corruption strategies and provided with our innovative social accountability approach and tools.

During the three and a half day training, 23 CSOs from 6 territories across South-Kivu attended daily interactive sessions organized by experts from CERC. Through different workshops, CSO representatives were able to improve their knowledge of anti-corruption strategies and become more acquainted with helpful tools necessary to constructively collaborate with their local communities to hold their local government to account, but also to reproduce the training for others CSOs.

The participants were encouraged to adapt the tools to fit their settings and situations as all of them indicated that they didn’t have anything to use regarding the collection of beneficiary findings.

We hope to see this work scaling up beyond civil society on the introduction of Community Integrity Building in communities.

Byalukiza Kanana, Programme Manager