Student Acting for Honesty, Integrity and Equality (SHINE)

 SHINE is a community monitoring project that aims to promote transparency and social accountability in the Congolese educational sector by mobilising and engaging students to track the provision of services in secondary schools. Between 2018-2020, the program supported 825 students, 106 teachers and 53 principals from 54 secondary schools, and empowered them with resources and skills to combat inefficient and corrupt education services and infrastructure projects in Uvira and in Bukavu. They worked together advocate and implement solutions from ensuring drinking water is accessible and clean, schools accessible and safe, education is accessible to children at risk of exclusion, to sorting our rubbish collection in urban areas. The Integrity Club members have been supporting the school administration to spot problems and solve them together. Though it was a difficult job, club members were very effective in improving teachers’ attendance in schools. Teachers now meet their annual plans, the quality of education has improved, and children are taught in an effective way. This has a direct impact on their lives and future.”

Their work can be shown to have benefitted over 500,000 people through improved services and infrastructure. 


Integrity and Anti-Corruption in DRC education system.

In 2020 we have made progress in embedding Integrity Clubs in schools and education systems in South-Kivu, which makes them sustainable long term. In South-Kivu, education officials have accepted that Integrity Clubs are rolled out across the region.

Corruption Reporting Project (CERC-CRP) as mechanism to fight corruption in DRC

On January 2018, we launched the Corruption Reporting Project, an initiative providing free legal aid services to victims and witnesses of corruption and seeks to empower male and female citizens to demand accountability and transparency. It is a community service centre that offers both pragmatic services to individuals, communities, companies and institutions who are victims of corruption or witnesses to corruption by giving legal aid and advice. The CRP project has permitted CERC to mobilise pro bono lawyers in charge of handling corruption cases. Programs on local radio stations have also broadened the reach of CRP to people living outside Uvira city. For the year 2018 more specifically, 193 people contacted CRP to obtain legal advice. These contacts were made via our CERC office, via dedicated WhatsApp number and email. The high rate of reporting is attributable to awareness-raising activities, as well as the broadcast of radio spots and communication materials, which have improved CRP’s visibility.  

People Choosing Integrity

We launched in December 2018 an online platform called “People Choosing Integrity” so we can better highlight the voice of people who actively engage in promoting integrity, through the Integrity Building mapping feature. This platform produces a monthly mapping update for live incidences of corruption and integrity building initiatives, increasing the capacity of “People Choosing Integrity” to provide focus and expert analysis of data on corruption and integrity building.

In June 2018 we supported an Integrity Exchange Workshop in Bukavu, with 6 local integrity builders coming together from across the South-Kivu and North-Kivu provinces to discuss the current and future prospects for integrity.