We unite school-aged children to fix our failing education system.

Since 2017, we have been implementing an innovative approach to reinforce integrity culture and value for money in secondary schools. As result, more than eight hundred students have been empowered to engage with school management boards in improving education services in schools.

The project allowed students, parents, and the public to get information on key parameters of the schools (water and library availability, class-size, toilet suitability, number of students in a class, qualification of teaching staff), the school budgets and spending. In this way, the project supported the government’s education reform program by making schools more accountable.

With Integrity Clubs established in 55 secondary schools in Uvira and Bukavu and our tech tool “EduCheck”, students, parents and the whole community have better ability to hold schools accountable for quality of education services provided. It is particularly important in the context of the Government of DRC’s education reform which introduced free primary and secondary education system.

“The EduCheck app provides key information on operation, budgets and performance of schools for students, parents, teachers and the whole community, which can be used in policy debates, budgeting and setting development priorities at the school level,” said Ngoya Bundu Harmonie, CERC Project Coordinator. This was confirmed by Kahindo Ndjungu, ITIP Principal in Uvira, who said “Thanks to Joint-Working Group meetings organized in our high school, the entire process became clearer and more transparent.”